2024 Fall Semester Admission Guidelines

An applicant who wishes to apply for admission for international students must satisfy at least one of the requirements below. 

(1) Both the applicant and applicant’s parent(s) must be non-Korean citizens

- If an applicant or an applicant’s parent(s) is a dual nationality holder with a Korean citizenship, the applicant will not be allowed to apply for the international student admission. (If you have acquired a foreign nationality through immigration, you should apply for the domestic student admission.)

(2) Overseas Korean applicants or international applicants who have completed their entire elementary, middle school, high school and undergraduate education outside Korea. (+16 years) 

- An applicant who satisfies both requirements will be sorted into (1). - An applicant who does not meet the conditions above must apply through the domestic student admission, not through the international student admission

※ Please download the below Admission Guide Fall 2024 regarding the detailed information


※ Please download the required forms for the application 

[Form1] : Application Form  (You can print out this form only after finishing the online application)

[Form2] : Additional Application Form

[Form3] : Study Plan

[Form4] : Recommendation Form

[Form4_1] Reference Letter Form for the Counseling Psychology applicants

[Form5] : Release of Information Form

※ Online Application Page (Only effective during the application period)

Important Dates ] 

 Online Application Period: June 5 (Wed) ~ June 12 (Wed), 2024

 Documents Submission Period: June 5 (Wed) ~ June  13 (Thu), 2024

 Interview for Admission: June 28 (Fri) or June 29 (Sat), 2024

  Locations designated by the Graduate School or by ZOOM

  Around June 24 (Tue), general notice regarding interview will be posted on the “Admission” bulletin board of the Graduate School website and also, the specific information will be sent to individual emails by each department.

 Announcement of Final Results: July 11 (Thu), 2024

 Registration: July 15 (Mon) ~ July 16 (Tue), 2024


For more information, please read the "Admissions Guide for International Students" carefully.