2022 Global Korea Scholarship for Sogang Graduate School


Sogang University will select up to 25 candidates (including Graduate School of International Studies: GSIS) 

from all the quota-assigned countries and recommend them to NIIED. And final decision will be made by NIIED. 

Only successful candidates who are determined as GKS students by NIIED can get the scholarship. 

For more information, please check the attached guidelines carefully.

1. Application Period :  February 21 (Mon), 2022 ~ March 23 (Wed), 2022

 Please be aware that application forms and all the required documents must arrive at our office by March 23. (We only accept the documents by post mail, and visiting the office will not be allowed due to the COVID-19.)

Complete package with all the requirements should arrive at our office all together at once. (Please do not send the documents several times.)

 We will not accept any documents after the deadline. The application documents will not be returned for any 


 The application period posted on '' is a schedule before it is modified, so please apply with the above deadline.

2. Applicable Departments (Academic Programs)
Please refer to the attachment "(Sogang-U) Available Departments for University Track"

Also, please check the Language of each program carefully. If the department offers 100% Korean classes, students are recommended to submit TOPIK score even if the TOPIK submission is not essential for that department. (ex. Psychology)

3. Eligibility for Application and Required Documents
Please refer to the attachment "2022 GKS Application Guidelines", "2022 GKS Application Form", and “2022 GKS Detailed Guidelines by Sogang” Some departments need a certain level of TOPIK or English Test score when applying, so please check the guideline by Sogang carefully before application. And even if the departments don't require the specific level of language proficiency, submitting a valid official English Test Score Report (TOELF, IELTS, TOEIC or TEPS) or TOPIK is mandatory for ALL the applicants, but there is no limit for the scores. It is exempted for native English speakers or graduates from universities in English-speaking countries.


4. Important notes

- Applicants cant apply for more than one institution.

- Current students of Sogang Graduate School cannot apply for GKS scholarship.

- We do NOT accept any documents through email.

- Please do not put each document in the individual clear files.

- You should submit one set of original documents and one set of photocopied documents.

(A photocopy of the recommendation letter is not needed.)

- Please do not put each document in individual clear files.

5. Address for Documents submission and Contact Information 

  (All documents should be submitted by post mail -DHL, FEDEX, etc.)
- Address :  Graduate School of Sogang University (A Hall #307),
                 35 Baekbeom-ro(Sinsu-dong), Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
                 Zip code : 04107

- Attn : Graduate School of Sogang University
- Tel : 82-2-705-8168
- Email :